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Title: Performance Analysis of AODV with the constraints of Varying Terrain Area and Pause Time in Wireless Sensor Networks using NS-3 Simulator
Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are wireless networks, where there is no requirement for any infrastructure support to transfer data packets between mobile nodes. These nodes communicate in a multi-hop mode; each mobile node acts both as a host and router. The main job of Quality of Service (QoS)[1][2] routing in MANETs is to search and establish routes among different mobile nodes for satisfying QoS requirements of wireless sensor networks as PDR, Average end-to-end delay, Average Throughput. The QoS routing protocols efficient for commercial, real-time and multimedia applications are in demand for day to day activities[2].
Keywords MANETs; AODV; PDR; Average Thr
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